Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just Hours Before the "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 15 Finale: My Winning Prediction

Tonight, it all boils down to Ann versus Chelsey-- who will be America's Next Top Model? Here's my take on the likely outcome. I wonder if I'll regret this later...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Dancing with the Stars" is NOT Racist (Brandy's Elimination)

     Did Brandy get cut from "Dancing with the Stars" because she's black? No way, José. Here's the true (i.e. OBVIOUS) reason was she eliminated...

I realize that I accidentally referred to Bristol and Brandy as the bottom two in this video. As others have pointed out to me, though, there is nothing to indicate that Bristol actually received the second least votes. Excuse my poor oversight.

The iPeriod: Mother Nature is Calling!

     A friend of mine recently informed me of an application existing for the iPhone, which is geared specifically toward women and is entitled the iPeriod. Not the punctuation mark, mind you. Yep, we’re talking about full fledged menstruation-- a menstruation tracker, to be precise. This iPeriod product description explains its purpose:

     “Enter in the first day and last day of your period for  
     at least two consecutive cycles, and iPeriod
     calculates your average duration, cycle length and
     estimates the dates of your next expected periods. A
     must have for doctor’s appointments, event planning
     and estimating when to leave the house prepared!”

     I feel conflicted on this one.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Should Pregnant Celebrities Get Heat for Showing Their Buns in the Oven?

     More and more pregnant celebrities are posing nude on the covers of magazines. Intriguing or disturbing (or both)? See what has to say and then watch my response.
     Also, let’s give a little shout out, shall we? Everyone should go read "Musings from an Incorrectly Wired Brain" from my friend Julie (thanks again, Julie, for helping with this recording).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Top 20 "America's Next Top Model" Fights-- Possibilities for Feminism?

     So, you may have noticed that I did not get around to publishing a new blog entry last week. My apologies. I partially must blame it on being an overworked graduate student. However, I must also acknowledge that YouTube has been distracting me from my blogging duties.
     I recently discovered that Sasquii at YouTube has posted a series of the top 20 best fights in the history of America’s Next Top Model. Clearly, I would be a fool not to take an extensive break from my work to relive all of the Top Model drama, right?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Skating with the Stars" Should Stay Young at Heart

     So, while I’m still not sold on this whole Skating with the Stars competition that will be airing on ABC later this month, there does seem to be one glimmer of hope on the horizon for squeezing some much needed entertainment from this sure to be train wreck of a program. Of course, I’m referring to Sean Young.

     For those you who don’t recognize the name (as if you’d recognize any of the D-list celebrities ABC has lined up for this season, maybe its only season), Sean Young is a screen actress who is best known for her performances in films such as Blade Runner, No Way Out, and Dune. Incidentally, I’ve seen none of those titles, but I remember her most as Jim Carrey’s transsexual boss in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
     She’s also, for lack of a better term, a freakin’ lunatic.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

God Bless You, Mrs. Voorhees

     A list of the top 5 highest grossing U.S. horror film franchises has been released. Let me first state that I do think there are particular flaws in how the series were ranked (for instance, not accounting for the inflation of ticket prices in recent years, or for the ability of one franchise with more sequels to generate greater revenue than another franchise that knew to call it quits at Part 27). Therefore, I wouldn’t turn to this as an accurate measurement of the genre’s profits.
     However, one thing did stick out to me. The supposed #1 horror film franchise, Friday the 13th, is also the only one to originally feature a killer who was a woman (Mrs. Voorhees, immortalized on screen by actress Betsy Palmer). I cannot say that I’m honestly convinced there’s a connection between Mrs. Voorhees’s gender and the success of Friday the 13th, but nevertheless, the coincidence is quite fascinating. Mrs. Voorhees, the original helicopter parent, truly was a cut above the rest. It's too bad she didn't last long enough to keep her son, Jason, from taking over the family business.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Real Reasons Margaret Cho Was Eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars"

Here's my two cents on why I think Margaret Cho was cut from the competition (and it certainly has nothing to do with the merit of her dancing).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Forbes Recognizes the "Power" of Pop Culture

     For those readers who are unaware, Forbes recently released its list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the world. Some of the choices on that list seemed fairly obvious (e.g. Michelle Obama [#1], Oprah Winfrey [#3], and Hilary Clinton [#5]), while others were pleasant surprises (specifically, the inclusion of Ellen DeGeneres [#10] and Chelsea Handler [#33] brought a big smile to my face). Perhaps the one name that shocked me the most, though, was that of eccentric recording artist Lady Gaga. Filling the #7 spot, her status was ranked superior to Beyonce Knowles (a far more established veteran singer who narrowly trailed at #9) and even Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (#11)!
     I will not attempt to justify the supposed “powers” of Lady Gaga or her placement on this list (yes, some of her music is great, but I’m not buying the half-hearted political messages behind her work/stage persona, like her absurd meat dress at the 2010 Video Music Awards and its alleged commentary on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and the dangers of human objectification). However, I will say that this is a surefire sign that more and more serious intellectual discourse needs to start tackling the topic of “pop culture, “ and it needs to be seen as a legitimate area of study. The fact that there were as many entertainers as there were politicians in the top 10 alone might be an indication of where many Americans’ interests, sociopolitical or otherwise, are truly falling.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Check Out My Poetry in the Foliate Oak Literary Journal

I know this is a little off the topic of gender and pop culture (don’t worry, I’ll have plenty more to rant about soon), but one of my original poems has been published in the October edition of the Foliate Oak Literary Journal. Exciting, right? Do take a gander at my work when you have a free moment.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Glee" or "The Office"? Help me!

Isn't that just a "charming" looking screenshot?

Anyway, I'm currently trying to decide which DVD set to purchase next: "Glee" (Season 1, Vol. 2) or "The Office" (Season 6). What are your thoughts?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Katy Perry is Not the Only One Being Oppressed on Sesame Street (A Satirical Commentary)

“So Katy Perry can't wear a little Tinkerbell outfit on Sesame Street, but it's fine for Elmo to run around without any pants? I'm confused."

     I was initially surprised and appalled that Katy Perry's now notorious stint on Sesame Street sparked such a huge controversy. However, when I saw the above hilarious observation posted by megcabot on Twitter, it all made a lot of sense to me.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ANTM, Everyone Deserves the Same Judging Treatment!

Last week on “America’s Next Top Model,” we witnessed what seems to increasingly be a staple of the series in recent cycles: the out-of-judging panel elimination. Immediately following their stunning makeovers (seriously, that was one of the best rounds of makeovers the show has ever had!), the contestants were asked to pose in a few photos and their performance (i.e. how they handle their new looks in a picture) was critiqued by coach J. Alexander and on-set coordinator Jay Manuel. The one who received the worst critique was immediately ousted from the competition. That unlucky soul was 24 year-old Terra of Arlington, Texas.

Monday, September 20, 2010

ANTM: Tyra Demanded More Meat than Anamaria Could Muster

So, I wonder if there are any fellow America’s Next Top Model fans who were just as perturbed as I was by the results of last Wednesday’s elimination ceremony (the first of this new cycle). Anamaria, the 19-year-old from Queens, New York, was given the boot for one of the most unfair, and frankly hurtful, reasons ever from the ANTM judging panel. Granted, Anamaria seemed rather mouthy and conceited throughout her brief time on the show, but her attitude was not the chief factor that played in her departure.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Don't Be a Sue," Be a Feminist

I was very much amused when I came across a recent promo from the civic engagement campaign Members Project, featuring a rant from the cold-hearted, politically incorrect, but nonetheless hilarious Sue Sylvester (of TV's "Glee," as portrayed by the amazing improv comedienne Jane Lynch). 
In this promo, we listen as Sue expresses a deep disdain for animal rights (since all animals do is defecate on our property and tempt humans with their tasty, "delicious" flesh), an antipathy toward literacy education ("Words are hard!"), and indifference for funding the arts (the money would best be put forth helping smelly artists bathe themselves). Thus, Members Project implores "Don't be a Sue," and encourages its viewers to become involved in their communities despite Sue's glaring disapproval. (This promo and others starring the “Glee” cast can be viewed here.)
When Jane Lynch recently took home a much deserved Emmy award in August for her performance on "Glee," the folks at were quick to laud her and her work in bringing Sue's special brand of "faux feminism" to life on the small screen. "Faux feminism"-- I couldn't have said it better myself (or with the same succinct alliteration). Sue's brand of "womanly empowerment" does seem to contradict many of the ideals which have been laid out by feminists over the years.