Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Bit Nippy on “American Idol”

Janet Jackson, move on over…

A sexual (but not really sexy) controversy is brewing on “American Idol.” is reporting that during Wednesday night’s episode of the Fox talent competition, a shot containing a clear image of a young girl’s right nipple was aired completely uncensored. The girl, a presumably preteen relative of an aspiring “Idol” contender, was waiting in the lobby with other family members as host Ryan Seacrest interviewed them.

While the nipple shot itself was inconsequential in regard to what was happening in the scene, the fact that Fox failed to catch it is baffling considering that A) she was standing in front of everyone else and almost centered in the frame, and B) she even realized her overexposure and immediately (and noticeably) fixed her shirt to hide the scandalous bit of skin.

While I’m certainly no advocate of child pornography and I’m sure the FCC will be issuing Fox a pretty hefty fine for their oversight, I do wonder if there would be such an uproar about this whole matter if it had been a young boy flaunting (accidentally or otherwise) his chest to the world.

I’ve never really understood that double standard. In the case of children in the entertainment industry, it’s why Vanity Fair was lambasted for risqué pictures involving teen pop star Miley Cyrus, while actor Taylor Lautner’s shirtless shots in GQ Magazine and Twilight: New Moon (both projects from when Lautner was only seventeen years old) were not only accepted, but drooled over incessantly by adoring fans, adolescent girls and “cougars” alike. 

This issue is just as bad for the adult players in showbiz. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino can constantly and unapologetically flash his pectoral muscles on MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” but a woman wanting to bear her breast on television faces blurring, pixilation, and, worst of all, misogynistic criticism (“What a slut!,” “That skank!,” etc.). 

I am not saying that I want girls/women to become sexual objects in order to feel proud of their bodies. I do not think, however, they deserve to be any more (sexually) suppressed than their male counterparts.


  1. Oh my gosh. This blog and the fact that the FCc will apparently fine fox for showing the nipple of a little girl (and the fact that you've censored it) certainly lends credence to the belief that Americans are stupid (which, just in case you're too ignorant to know this, is a belief in just about every country in the world).

    It's no different from a little boy's nipple for pete's sake. You have a bit of grey matter inside your head - START USING IT!

    And FYI: ADULT female breasts are different from ADULT male chests - if that were no so and you truly wanted equality in that department, you'd have no problem with accepting the thing men put up with (nipple twisting, stroking, etc. - without consent) and you'd be happy for it to be legal just like it is when it's done to men. Except you won't be happy with that, because, as you very well know, adult female breasts (not kid's chests) are very different from mens' chests.

  2. can you give me the exact video og that scene? please? here's my email =